Career Profile

I currently work as a data engineer and an IoT platform developer at IDC Frontier in Fukuoka, Japan, and previously worked as a CAD tool developer at IHI Scube. My technical interests are DevOps, data engineering, microservices, and container orchestration. I obtained a master's degree in system science at Tokyo Institute of Technology. My dream is to be a Fukuoka based developer engaged in products used around the world and make Fukuoka one of the most famous, exciting, and attractive technology startup city in the world!


R&D Software Engineer

2016 - Present
IDC Frontier, Fukuoka

Data Engineering - I joined the industry-university collaboration project using IoT technologies as a data engineer. I build and maintain a back-end system by myself for data science. The system gathers and collects data from IoT devices, stores it to TreasureData, and controls batch processings. It consists of multiple Docker containers and works on OpenShift, RedHat's container-based PaaS platform because frequent changes are required for the project.

Developing IoT Platform - I am also a member of our new service, IoT platform development project. We are:

  • Developing IoT platform service.
  • Evaluating, designing, and developing the service for IoT system developers.
  • Designing with microservices.

Keywords: Node.js, Ruby on Rails, R, Docker, kubernetes, OpenShift, fluentd, Embulk, TreasureData, Redash, Mcroservices, IoT Platform, Data Engineering

Software Engineer

2013 - 2016
IHI SCube, Yokohama

CAD automation tools - I worked at IHI SCube as a developer. My jobs were:

  • Developing CAD automation tools.
  • Designing, developing, and maintaining it for CAD users in heavy industory company.

User analysis - I started a user analysis project by myself to visualize users' usage history of the CAD tools because we, developers were unable to know how many users used it and what tool was the most frequently used. I inserted a program to visualize those into the CAD tools, improved the developing and maintaining process, and reduced their cost.

Keywords: C, C++,, CAD, NX/CAD

Personal Projects

stopho - CLI tool to generate search URLs from stock photos web sites.

Keywords: Golang, CIL

Yearbum - Easy and quick album editor with favorite photos in the year.

Keywords: React.js, GitHub Pages

Slack Weather Notifier - A slack bot of weather notifier.

Keywords: Ruby, Heroku, Slack bot

LRU image cache - LRU image cache class with a maximum item count of 10.

Keywords: Ruby, rubygems

Skills & Proficiency



C & C++

Docker & OpenShift